Parks A - M

Parks remain open - web and social

Arbor Pointe Park

8545 Cahill Ave.
More about Arbor Pointe Park

Heritage Village Park 
and Off-leash Dog Park

4321 65th Street
More about Heritage Village Park

Broadmoor Park

11306 Stratford Lane
More about Broadmoor Park

Inver Wood Golf Course

1850 70th St. 
More about Inver Wood Golf Course
*In light of COVID-19, the IWGC will be closed
until further notice.

Dehrer Park

4085 Dehrer Way
More about Dehrer Park

Lions Park

2423 65th St. E.
More about Lion's Park

Community Center Park

80th St. and Barbara.
More about Community Center Park

Marcott Woods

2890 96th Street E.
More about Marcott Woods

Ernster Park

7750 Dickman Tr.
More about Ernster Park

Marianna Ranch

9125 Alvarez Ave.
More about Marianna Ranch

Groveland Park

1990 46th St. 
More about Groveland Park

McGroarty Park 

City Rd 18 and Blaine Ave.
More about McGroarty Park

Harmon Park Reserve

1642 Upper 55th St. E.
More about Harmon Park Reserve