Pool Specials & Classes

Pool Specials


Fall Morning Swim Time

The water park will be open from 9-11am on Saturday & Friday(beginning Sept. 21) mornings.  Water features will be turned off and a lifeguard will be on duty.

Twilight Swim
Swim in the water park Monday-Friday after 5:30pm. Cost is just $6/person

Non-School Days: No School? Head to the Pool?
Water park will be open 12-7:30pm. Lap pool and dive pools will be open 12-3pm and 6:15-7:30pm
October 5, 17-19
November 23, 30
December 21, 26-28, 31 (12-3:30pm)
January 1 (12-4pm)

Lifeguard Training
Become certified in American Red Cross Lifeguarding for pools and water parks, First Aid and CPR/AED for the professional lifeguard.  Must be 15 years of age by first class.  Skill prerequisites include: 
*     Continuous endurance swim: front crawl and/or breaststroke for 300 yards
*      Timed skill sequence: 20 yard swim, retrieval of a 10lb object from 7 to 10 feet deep, swim 20 yards 
        carrying the object and exit the water within 1 minute, 40 seconds
*     Tread water: 2 minutes using legs only

Wednesday-Friday, October 17-19
$235/member; $250/non-member
Register by Friday, October 3