2040 Comprehensive Plan

Inver Grove Heights 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update

The City of Inver Grove Heights has started the process of updating the City’s Comprehensive Plan, a long range plan that will help define and guide future growth and development of the community. The Plan was last updated in 2010.

To help prepare this plan, the City has hired Hoisington Koegler Group Inc. (HKGi), a professional consulting firm with years of experience facilitating community planning processes and preparing comprehensive plans.

What is the Inver Grove Heights 2040 Comprehensive Plan?

The Plan is a Guide and a Tool

Once completed, the Inver Grove Heights 2040 Comprehensive Plan will be used to make land use decisions, to prepare and implement ordinances, to guide the City Capital Improvement Plan, and to influence the timing and location of future development and redevelopment in the community.

The Plan Fits in a Regional Context

All cities and counties within the seven-county Twin Cities Metropolitan Region are required to update the comprehensive plan every ten years. As required by Minnesota Metropolitan Land Planning Act (MN Statute §473), each local jurisdiction’s comprehensive plan must fit within the regional goals set forth by the Metropolitan Council. The Metropolitan Council has established their regional goals in Thrive MSP 2040 and has set projections for Inver Grove Heights. Inver Grove Heights 2040 Comprehensive Plan will establish goals and actions that focus on the needs of the Inver Grove Heights community while still fitting into the greater context of the Region.

The Plan is a Dynamic Document

The Inver Grove Heights 2040 Comprehensive Plan is being prepared so that it will remain flexible and dynamic. This will ensure that the Plan can respond to changing needs, conditions, and emerging trends that the City may face in the future.

The Plan is Different than a Zoning Ordinance

Comprehensive Plans are:
  • Broad in scope
  • Visionary
  • Principle- and Policy-oriented
  • Guiding documents
  • Conceptual & Idealistic
  • Focused on neighborhood, community, or regional scale
  • Flexible in interpretation
Zoning Ordinances are:
  • Narrow in scope
  • Based off of more rigid standards
  • City law
  • Detail-oriented & specific
  • Focused on the district & site level

What Topics are Included in the Inver Grove Heights 2040 Comprehensive Plan?

Vision & Guiding Principles

While rooted in the reality of the community’s past and present, the Vision is an aspirational statement that seeks to describe how the community will look, feel, and function in the next 20 years. The Vision provides an over-arching framework that permeates the plan and informs supporting policy and strategic decisions.

Guiding Principles support the Vision, by helping to define the character, values, and priorities of the Inver Grove Heights community in 2040. They will act as an ongoing tool to measure the appropriateness and effectiveness of future initiatives and results.

The current Comprehensive Plan established a Vision and Guiding Principles for the City; as realities of the City have changed over time, we are taking this opportunity to revisit and reevaluate that Vision and Guiding Principles as a first step in the comprehensive planning process.


The Inver Grove Heights 2040 Comprehensive Plan will be organized into the following themes:
  • Land Use
  • Environmental Protection
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Sanitary Sewer
  • Water Supply Plan
  • Critical Area Plan
  • Surface Water Management

The Guiding Principles will be woven throughout these themes and utilized to establish Goals and Policy Statements to serve as a guide for future decision making.


The Inver Grove Heights 2040 Comprehensive Plan will culminate in a number of Strategies and Action Steps that will lay out how to effectively implement and achieve the Goals and Policies established in the document. Implementation will be an on-going process. The document will be set up in such a way so that it will be revisited and assessed through metrics, enabling local decision makers to adapt future policy as needed.

Where are we in the Process?

Project Schedule.jpg

Upcoming Events

The Inver Grove Heights 2040 Comprehensive Plan will be put together in 2017 and 2018. Right now the City is at the beginning of the planning process, focusing on organizing and launching the project.

Check back here for upcoming events; or sign up for our email notifications so that you don’t miss out on any upcoming events! How Can I Get Involved?

Contribute your Ideas, Goals, & Feedback


The Project Team has developed a dedicated website that provides information regarding what a comprehensive plan is and information on meeting updates. You can also sign up for e-mail notifications so you don’t miss out on any upcoming updates. Use the following link to access the website:


Online Survey and Map

Take the online survey today at https//www.surveymonkey.com/r/IGH2040 and share your thoughts about the community on the online map at http://hkgi.mysocialpinpoint.com/igh2040#/ Share these links with your friends, family, and neighbors!

Attend Upcoming Events

Our Project Team will be setting up a number of events for the community to contribute their ideas and offer feedback over the course of the project.

The first event will be to evaluate and update the Vision and Guiding Principles for the Inver Grove Heights 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

The first public meeting will take place:

Tuesday, May 23rd
Inver Grove Heights Community Center, Community Room 1

Encourage Inver Grove Heights, Family, & Neighbors to Participate

The Inver Grove Heights 2040 Comprehensive Plan will guide future decisions in Inver Grove Heights – in order for it to accurately reflect the goals of the community, we need to make sure that people from all perspectives in Inver Grove Heights contribute their input. Help us spread the word about the Comprehensive Plan and upcoming opportunities for community events and contributions to people you know in Inver Grove Heights!

Project Contract Information

City Contact

Allan Hunting
City Planner
City of Inver Grove Heights

City Consultant Contact

Brad Scheib, AICP
Vice President
Hoisington Koegler Group, Inc.